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Gethsemane strives to provide outreach, sharing and spreading of God's love and work through our various ministries. 


The work of Greater Gethsemane AME Zion Church affects the community and the world at large. With our Trustees in place, congregants enters a well established and safe environment for worship. Trustees function as Christian stewards of property God has entrusted to the congregation. This includes supervising and maintaining both the physical property of Greater Gethsemane AME Zion Church.

Robert Ellis

Stewardess Board

The Stewardess Board work in concert with the Preacher’s Steward to ensure that all pertinent needs of the first family are met; honoring the church’s commitment to take care of their leadership.

Eva Mckeithan

Bd. of Evangelism

Serves in effort to be a light and witness of the Gospel to all by declaring that Jesus Christ is Lord.

Rev. Antina Avery


Members of the Usher Board serve as doorkeepers for the church. Members should be at post 25 minutes before service in order to receive your assignments from the head usher & greet everyone with a friendly word and a smile; be sincere and natural. Ushers should be alert in case someone becomes ill or there is an odd situation during the service and offer help quietly. Be personable and warm in ushering people to their seats. Seat worshippers at the appropriate time. Be watchful because minister or head usher may make special requests during the worship service.

Betty Sowell

Sunshine Corner

The Sunshine Corner provides encouragement and connection with members through cards, expressions and calls.

Mary Sloan

Steward Board I

The Stewards help the congregation understand the meaning of Christian stewardship in service, gifts and generosity for the greater good.

Maria Gibson

Christian Education

Greater Gethsemane AME Zion Church follows the mission of the AME Zion Christian Education Department (CED) whose mission is to promote and supervise Christian training that fosters the development of credible, committed Christian disciples. Through Biblically-based, innovative and relevant education, training and worship, we plan to disciple the entire church with each of our ministries having a strong foundation bringing congregants closer together.

Denine Barksdale

Music Ministry

Greater Gethsemane music ministry prepares the atmosphere for worship through our varioius musical entities. The ministry aids many to turn to salvation being moved by the music combined with the Word, Sermons and prayers of the Saints;

Karen Williams

Media & Technology

The Media/Technology Ministry provides audio/visual support, recordings or presentations of/for church services and special events. This ministry also works to share information about our church, its mission, vision, ministries and events through printed forms of publicity, electronic media, and word of mouth.


Villiage Heartbeat

Village Hearbeat keeps members informed of relevant health concerns and updates. They keep us connected through world initiatives and local activities.

Lorayne Brewer

Steward Board II

The Steward Board II help the Pastor whenever needed to further the operation of ministry at Great Gethsemane. 

Maria Gibson

WH&OM Society

At Greater Gethsemane AME Zion Church, we offer congregants of all ages a chance to give back by serving God through mission work.Our ongoing mission of spreading the teachings of Jesus Christ to our ever-growing community is every present in what we do. Giving back is ingrained into our philosophy and it’s at the root of our very being.

Sandra Ausbury

Class Leaders

Leaders directly responsible with supporting and serving the needs from among the congregants of the church. They provide intentional care and concern for the welfare of the entire membership.

John Johnson

Social Media

The Social Media team keeps the church connected with all Social Media platforms to keep the community informed.

Kristina Robertson

Sons of Varick

The Sons of Varick engages men of all ages in promoting the cause of education, evangelism, and missions in the local community, district, conference, and Episcopal area.

Herbert Blair
John Johnson


The Deaconess Board is a group of women with deep spiritual values and high moral character, consecrated by the Pastor. The women (a) visit the sick, the un-churched and shut-in; (b) counsel the lonely and depressed; (c) pray with and for those who desire prayer; (d) assist with the Sacraments of the Church, i.e., assist candidates and prepare for Holy Baptism and make sure the proper garments dress the Altar.

Colette Williams

Lay Council

The Lay is composed of the entirety of our congregation. Their responsibilities include (but are not limited): endorsing denominational initiatives, the ministry of faith sharing as well as local missions which strengthen both the congregation and the greater community where the church resides.

Jennifer Lockhart

Home Mission

Info coming soon.

Mary Sloan

Senior Ministry

The Senior Ministry assist our season saints encouraged, informed and active through teachings, gatherings and sharing.

Pearl Lawrence

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